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… to our collaborative web site, devoted to God and for Christian families in and around Pictou County, Nova Scotia who choose to home-school their children.

Site News

A Universities section has been added. As our son prepared for this educational transition we did some research on institutions in Canada and the rest of the world and thought it would be good to share our findings. This information is being somewhat updated for 2013.

About this site

As the name states, this site has the combined dual-focus of Christianity and Home-schooling. We are not “denominational” – there is only one Church and that is the body of Christ. If you agree with that and are a part of that Body, we gladly welcome you here.

We intend this site to be a place for sharing home-schooling events as well as a place to share ideas pertaining to home-schooling, discussion topics, inspiration, encouragement and what-have-you.

To protect what is here for everyone's sake,1) registration is done by e-mail. Please write to sharing a brief personal statement of faith (“We're Christians” is fine), and the log-in name you want to use. A computer generated password will be e-mailed to you, which you can change to whatever you prefer.

The Christian Home Schooler network is created and sustained by members to share encouragement, information, and to plan shared activities for those in Pictou County and nearby.

Please add to the site, listing things such as curriculum, websites, books, ideas, inspiration.

Please feel free to post events and help make activities for our homeschoolers to share.

And be not conformed to this world… (Romans 12:2)

Our Statement of Faith

1) from spammers, hecklers, and the like
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